05/02/17 @ 20:22

As I say goodbye to my childhood,

Just my formal childhood,

I guess I’ll always be a kid inside.

I thumb through my journal

Wondering how I became, me.

Am I grown yet?

Or even, do I know yet?


In (almost) 18 years of life,

have i learned a thing?


Just the last year of my childhood,

My life has just been getting better

With success, gratitude, great people,

beautiful conversations, learning constantly

I have learnt,

Albeit one thing:

I, will never stop growing, or learning, or being

just being – no matter how still or how silent

Just being is the best thing of it all


this thing, life, I have been granted

is the most beautiful thing

precious, fragile

i know these from the past few years

of struggle, of heartbreak, of constant crying,

and intermediate laughter

These few words that are spoken, are flown from disaster

I know I make no sense,

But it is it foolish to enjoy that?

to enjoy making others think,

to relish in the writers craft of many questions,

interpretations but never any answers


I have been blessed

although it is not in god i believe,

I believe in me, in the beauty of people

and the beauty of life and the possible sincerity of everyone to unite

Again, I speak nonsense

But leave me be,

For I am still a child – albeit for the few hours,

that may be.


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