Let’s Play Pretend – A Poem

25/09/16 @ 17:23

You dress me up like your favourite doll;

Make me dance to your choice of song.

I falter, I stumble

Never have you ever asked

Why do I just mumble.

You praise me

And tell me, I am too humble.

I look you in the eye.

But I’ll never know why.

When I cry, you hug me tight;

Tell me, softly, it’ll be alright

You care, you say –

But never looking me in the face.


You lead me toward our bedroom

I say, not tonight

But I say this every night

You have ceased to listen

You have forgotten to care

You push me against the wall

While I crumble in despair.

I’ve lost my will to stop you now

Just, please, let it be over now

You carry me to the bed

I wish this was all just in my head

I close my eyes and just lay limp

Hoping that it’ll stop by my next glimpse

You push me, and you shove me

You slap me, and you scold me.

And then when you’re done

You, too, lie limp beside me.

You turn off the bedroom light

And tell me, again, goodnight.


In the dark,

I still look you in the eye.

But I’ll never understand why.

In response to today’s Daily Post Prompt


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