Expectation (A poem about ‘generosity’)

23/09/16 @ 21:27

I am sick of these boundaries,

This cage, – this invisible rule book that tells me:

I cannot feel angry.

And “stop starting an argument” whenever I offer an opinion.


Because, I’m older than you and wiser;

I’m there for you and I care for you. So Listen to me.

You’ve got ten years left, ’til you’re off to your wedding day;

Married to a man who’s never known your birthday.

You’d never have met him either, or you shouldn’t have.

If you had met him, you cannot know him or understand him:

That stuff’s all for marriage, you see.

Or you’ll be a disgrace to the family, for the whole town to see.

If you do meet a man, though, ensure he is of the correct colour, caste and religion

It’s not much we’re asking for; we just want you to be happy.

We just don’t want you to lose your heart: don’t love before marriage, don’t hope before marriage

–  you know what? Just leave everything until you are married,

Only ten years left now. We’ve already started on the guest list.

Don’t act like you missed this; you’ve known this was coming since the day you were born

Don’t be shocked, it’s all in your best interest.


And no, we don’t trust you, you’re only a child

You can’t make your own decisions

You’ll thank us later,

‘Cause you remember that poor lady down the street

Poor thing, her girl married a white boy, divorced and, now, is probably living on the streets

Because if you try anything similar

Your brothers – who are now still children – will grow to hate you

Your parents and all family members will rush to disown you

You’ll have no one, remember that

If you are foolish enough to fall in love – we know you won’t, you’re a smart one


Because we’re not asking for much:

Just don’t fall in love until twenty-four

Don’t “get lucky” until the honeymoon

And have a nice day at school today

But make sure you have kids by age twenty-six.

Otherwise, it gets too late, you see

The women in the community group will start to chatter

But we only want the best.


Oh, you want to move out?

What are you? A spoilt, western old-brat?

Whatever happened to traditional values?

– do you not love us? Just care for your bloody sacred ‘independence.’

We gave you too much freedom

You fell in love!

You’re stupid, it can’t be, he’s not even our caste, race or religion

Aren’t you ashamed?

Is this what we worked for?

We should’ve been stricter, why didn’t we follow everyone’s advice before


Because, you cannot be a human

You cannot love, live, travel or be free

“Wait until marriage,” my sweet.

You want a career?

We’ll have to ask the future husband first; we don’t want the marriage to turn bitter

‘Cause who’ll look after the kids when you’re not here


Just remember all these things; and know:

“We’re not asking for much.”


In response to today’s Daily Post Prompt



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