30/05/2016 @ 20:54

‘Why, just get on with it.’ But,

Is getting on the best thing…

The best thing for me:

Right now, in this moment?

Or am I to be consumed by this disgusting monster you call stress?

I mean, what even is stress?

I don’t feel it but there’s something of it

Looming in the air that I breathe,

In the steps that I take and

In the thoughts that I think.

What is this ‘Silent Killer,’ per se?

How does he feel, what does he do?

How does his presence change, me –

What must it make me feel?

I mean, I sure as hell have no idea.

So, what should I do?


Or should I, instead, ask what could I do,

Or what do I want to do?

Or, is that just an excuse?


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